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  • Massage Siddarta Colmar
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Siddarta Massages

This name refers to Gautama Siddharta, better known as "Buddha", the man who has attained enlightenment.

Nestled in this beautiful green setting just a few minutes from Colmar, the Siddarta massage institute is open to the public but welcomes the Cottage 1956 guests in a more privileged manner, by appointment.

This space is designed to make your massage appointment, lavished with the infinite benevolence of Camille, a pure moment of well-being.

The massage menu of the world promises an incomparable trip to all those in search of well-being and a profound relaxation of body and soul: Ayurvedic massage, hot stone massage, Kobido face massage or shirodhara massage...

From among these treatments with their enchanting denominations evoking relaxation, dreams or escape, which one will you choose to savor a moment of eternity at the heart of your stay in Alsace ?

Ayurvedic Massage

Relaxing body massage with warm organic sesame oil. This massage promises incomparable relaxation of body and mind as well as ultimate well-being.

Duration : 1h00

Price : 70 €

Duration : 1h15

Price : 85 €

Duo Massage

Wellness massage of your choice for a moment of relaxation to share for two.

Duration : 1h00

Price : 150 €

Duration : 1h30

Price : 210 €

Sports Massage

Body massage with organic arnica oil. This massage aims at muscle relaxation and the release of tension for an unrivalled well-being.

Duration : 1h00

Price : 70 €

Kobido Massage

Japanese facial massage treatment with organic shea butter. This massage acts as a natural lifting, plumping and reviving the radiance of your skin for a luminous complexion full of vitality.

Duration : 1h00

Price : 70 €

Back Massage

Back massage with warm organic sesame oil. This massage providesease and deep relaxation of the back together with a pleasant feeling.

Duration : 0h50

Price : 60 €

Foot Massage

Massage of the arch of the foot with Kansu bowl with organic ghee. This massage promises immediate release and fills you with a sensation of deep calm.

Duration : 1h00

Price : 70 €

Hot Stone Massage

Body massage with warm organic coconut oil, combining pose and the relaxing hot stone massage for a unique feeling of comfort and fullness.

Duration : 1h15

Price : 100 €

Duration : 1h40

Price : 120 €